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M4 Trading Platform Features

Award Winning Charting Engine

Professional real time charting and technical analysis based on our award winning StockChartX charting engine.
M4's powerful financial charting engine was designed by traders, for traders and features charting styles such as 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume, Shaded Equivolume, Heikin Ashi Candlesticks, Darvas Boxes, Line Studies such as Gann Fans, Fibonacci Retracements, Speed Lines and an exhaustive list of Technical Indicators plus much more. No other charting engine comes close to the flexibility and completeness of our charting engine. Complete source code is provided so that you may add your own custom formulas to the list of technical indicators, add additional display styles, properties and so forth.

Real Time Trading

Although M4 may be used for end-of-day charting, the application was designed for the purpose of real time trading. Real time stock, futures and forex screens are double buffered so they update in real time without flickering. Our quote screens are capable of handling large amounts of data in real time without causing the trader's computer to run slowly.

Trading from Charts

M4 features the ability to right click and trade from any chart. Traders can select any level on the chart to right click and place an order. Orders are automatically generated whenever the price rises above or below the trader's predefined levels.

Scripting Language for Alerts, Scanning and Back Testing

One of the most advanced features of M4 is the built-in TradeScript scripting language. The TradeScript scripting language allows traders to write complex scripts with simulated control structure for scanning, real time alerts, back testing and much more. The TradeScript scripting language is similar to the easy-to-use MetaStock™ scripting language however it is as powerful as the TradeStation EasyLanguage™ scripting language. A 107-page programmer's guide is provided for advanced traders.

Powerful, Flexible Automated Trading

A trade-alert and automated trading screen is integrated into the M4 platform. Traders can create a trading system and allow M4 to generate orders automatically. Alerts can be sent to any Windows Mobile device.

Powerful Back Testing

Traders can create simple or complex trading systems and back test them using the TradeScript scripting language. Over two dozen statistical outputs are generated along with a trade log and visual buy/sell indicators on the chart.

Real Time Market Scanning

The built-in symbol scanning feature can screen the market in real time to identify symbols that have major price changes, unusual volume changes, crossing indicators, specific candlestick patterns and more.

Chart Pattern Recognition

M4 features the world's first template-driven, fully dynamic, pattern recognition engine for identifying patterns in financial data. Our pattern recognition engine uses fuzzy logic to match dynamic patterns in stock, futures and forex data. Ships with several pre-defined patterns such as Channels, Double Bottoms, Double Tops, Flags, Head & Shoulders, Pennants, Trend, Triangles, Triple Bottoms, Triple Tops, Wedges and other patterns. Traders can create custom patterns using the supplied pattern designer utility. Full source code is included.

Customizable Portfolio Manager / Order Entry Screen

Traders can manage multiple portfolios and monitor positions in real time. The order entry screen provides traders with one-click order entry and may be customized. Smart orders, trailing stops or other order types can be programmed with ease.

Import/Export to/from Excel

Charts can be imported or exported to and from Excel. Dates, times, prices and indicator values can also be exported to ascii format.

Integrated Mobile Charting Application

A Windows Mobile charting application is provided with M4. Users can monitor automated trading signals, plot charts and receive instant messages within the supplied Windows Mobile application.

Orders Can be Transmitted to Any Destination

Orders can be routed to any destination by simply programming the order entry functions with the order entry API of your choice. Brokerages and destinations such as TD Ameritrade, InteractiveBrokers, Genesis Securities, Patsystems, Trading Technologies, FXCM and others including custom destinations can be programmed with ease.

Implement Any Data Provider

M4 can be programmed to accept data from any source such as your brokerage API, eSignal, Barchart, Bloomberg and others.

Complete Source Code Available in C#, and VC++

M4 is provided with complete source code for every feature including the front end, the charting, indicators, line studies, scripting engine, back office, mobile application and much more. We do not withhold source code for any portion of M4, so you are free to make the customizations that you require.

All Windows, Toolbars, Menus and Charts are Customizable

Because complete source code is provided, you can make customizations to every visual aspect of M4 including user interface features, skins, colors, charting, etc.

Inexpensive Customization Services Available

We offer financial software development by the hour and often at a fixed price, so if your company needs additional resources to work with your team, we can assist you. Our Custom Services typically involve a wide, ongoing partnership with our customers. We work together to identify and apply technology solutions to specific financial software engineering needs. Our elite team of technology professionals can supplement your internal software developer staff or you can choose to outsource specific design or development tasks to us.

Getting Started

Click here to view a demonstration of the M4 platform. Then, contact us and we will consult with you and your team to show you the features and benefits of the M4 trading platform plus offer tips for customizing the M4 platform to best suit your needs.

No matter if you are a brokerage, financial institution or an individual professional trader, you will certainly benefit from the information provided in our presentation.

Topics covered may include data feeds, order en, protocols, software design and development, project management, project budgeting plus anything else you would like to discuss.