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Solutions for Brokerages Large and Small - Stocks, Futures, Forex and Everything Else

As a brokerage you are probably paying exorbitant fees for a trading platform that you don't technically own, or you are concerned that your competitors are releasing so many updates and revisions that you can't keep up with them.

Or perhaps you have spent tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to build your own platform that is just not living up to your expectations or your clients' expectations, yet is costing an arm and a leg to develop and maintain?

You're not alone. Brokerages all around the world have been searching for a better trading platform solution.

What You Should Know Before You Buy, Lease or Build a Trading Platform...

1. Buying and re-branding an off-the-shelf trading platform is very expensive and too restrictive.
2. Building a trading platform from scratch can be very time-consuming, frustrating and risky.
3. Leasing a trading platform and paying royalties is never sensible! Your clients can be held hostage.
4. Not having your trading platform source code means you're at the mercy of the technology provider.

Introducing the M4 Trading Platform

The M4 platform is a white-label product that is delivered with full source code. You can purchase the application source code by paying a one-time license fee, then optionally customize and redistribute the application to your trading clients without paying royalties or fees.

Using the M4 platform as a base framework, you can deliver a product to your trading clients risk free and with the knowledge that you will never be left holding the proverbial bag full of software that simply does not meet the needs and objectives of your firm or your clients.

Finally, you can release software updates, upgrades, revisions, plug-ins and more without paying extra fees or relying on a 3rd party. If you don't have an IT staff, our USA based software developers are available to provide customizations at a very reasonable hourly rate. You will receive complete source code to any customizations for safe keeping.

Completely Customizable

Every single aspect of M4 is completely customizable. Colors, buttons, menus, toolbars, windows, tabs and other user interface elements can be changed in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to days or weeks. Features such as trailing stops, special order types, proprietary indicators, instant messaging, risk management, order handling or other features can be added with ease. Click here for a list of supported features.

Deployment Timeline

M4 can be adapted to accept data from any source such as an exchange head-end that is re-broadcasted from your server or directly from the client through any data vendor such as eSignal, DTN, Barchart, Bloomberg, etc.

The order entry screen can be adapted to submit through any interface such as your own system or through InteractiveBrokers, Patsystems, Trading Technologies, TD Ameritrade, Genesis Securities and so forth.

These customizations usually require anywhere from one to two weeks for delivery.


Deliverables include source code to the trading platform, the data server, an administrator for trial keys, account reporting and instant messaging, the mobile charting interface and source code to other components including charting, technical indicators and so forth.

You may forward the source code to your software developers to begin customizations or you may store the source code away for safe keeping if you will be hiring a third party to perform customizations for you. Alternatively you may hire us to make modifications for you at a very reasonable hourly rate.

You will also receive one full day of remote setup and training from one of our knowledgeable staff, so the M4 platform can be running on your desktop the day after you make the purchase.

Technical support and source code updates are provided for one full year and may be renewed. The clock begins when your company starts customizing or using the software.

Getting Started

Click here to watch a demonstration of the M4 platform. Then, contact us and we will consult with you and your team to show you the features and benefits of the M4 trading platform plus offer tips for customizing the M4 platform to best suit your needs.

No matter if you are a brokerage, financial institution or an individual professional trader, you will certainly benefit from the information provided in our presentation.

Topics covered may include data feeds, order entry systems, server design, hardware design, network design, protocols, software design and development, project management, project budgeting plus anything else you would like to discuss.